Tuesday, February 14, 2017


An Enormous Donation!
Our GM, Kevin, was so impressed and very grateful, as was Marion. We boosted her total donation to over $18,000.

Cancer Awareness Weekend at Palm Creek!
 The Tennis Club celebrates with a Tournament and an Auction/Awards Banquet!

 We are forever grateful to Janice Jensen for Hostessing this event!

 Happy Hour.....first things, first!

Hi Mike.......where are your Nachos?
 Tables fill up quickly! 
I believe that we had close to 100 party goers!
Attention......Tournament Winners coming up!

 We are forever grateful to this young man, also, for hosting this Super Bowl Tournament!

Don is proud to present the first place Team! Each 
receives a valuable Superbowl Ring! Congrats Kids!
 Now it's time for our Auction!
 Some items are for our Live Auction, others are won by buying a chance!
The Andersons brought this beautiful package, 
and then they won it!!! What are the chances?
They were generous enough to turn it back for a another drawing!
Our Auctioneer, Sandy Murray, did a fantastic job, and kept us laughing the entire time!
 Yes! Time for our Banquet!
 Lin Dey put these Soup Cook Books together! 
She had all of the recipes from our last Soup/Salad Party!
Proceeds were donated to the cause; thank you Lin!
 This crew counted calories for everyone as they picked up their desserts! As you can see they had a great time doing so!
 The Party's over; it's time to call it a day......or go to a dance!
These Hyper Active Adults never go home!!!
Sun Communities refers to PC as their "Hyper Active Resort!"
Thank you Janice and your great team!
We all had the best time!

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